Mueggenberg: Family


I love this family. Love. Them. I’ve known Holly and Jeff for years. Over a decade. And it is INSANE to me that Emily is five. The little girl I first photographed is five. Unreal. And since when is Drew no longer a toddler? Ugh. Makes a girl feel old.

We slipped over to Big Creek State Park to get a few photos in all of our light set with the sun. The huge playground was the perfect backdrop for some photos of the kids. You know, doing their thing. And then a quick wardrobe change, into some rocking super hero t-shirts and we cranked out a few family photos.












I mean how much better can you get than Spiderman, Captain America, Batman, and Superman?

You can’t.:)


Crannell & Harrleson: Families


A quick set of mini sessions had me back at Ledges State Park! First up…

Jenny and Brennan!
Jenny informed me Brennan’s smile is her fault. After seeing a football picture, she told him never to smile that way again because it looked funny. So now he does not show any teeth when he smiles. Such a shame because you have a terrific smile, B! Just like your mom.




And this is the Crannell’s! They’re officially our neighbors now. Josh, Hailey, Landen, and Cassie! Get this… they were in a wedding the day before. So they spent several hours smiling and then turned around and took family photos the next day.






I had big fun, guys. BIG fun. Hopefully you did too. Can’t wait until Josh sees Cassie’s new photoshopped cardinal and gold t-shirt.:)

Go Cyclones!


Hillman: Family


The Hillman’s bought a gift certificate to a silent auction fundraiser. When Jack started chatting my ear off within minutes of meeting me, I knew we were going to be fast friends. Understandably, 2-year-old Charlie took a little more time to warm up to me. But he came around. It was so much fun!

The boys were typical boys. Running. Showing off in front of the new person. Much the opposite of their day-to-day personalities. Mandy kept apologizing. I just had to chuckle. I have a 3-year-old. I absolutely, 100%, without a doubt, completely understand! I swear my son secretly waits until the very worst moment to turn into a hyper active kid who completely ignores me. No apologies necessary.


When little Charlie points out a “hawk” on top of the building next door…


… you look, of course!

I believe in having fun during sessions. Tickle fights are encouraged.


Because you get the best fun, relaxed portraits afterward!




This image … is the definition of parenthood. Charlie bumped his head on the brick wall. Mommies and daddies. Kissing owies and making everything better.


Mandy, Keiser, and boys… thank you. From the bottom of my heart. For letting me capture your family. And doing so by supporting a great cause in the process.



Zach: Senior


Zach is the last. I took both of his brother’s senior pictures. And Zach is the last. The last of three awesomely hilarious guys. My nephews. I meandered down to Carlisle a few Saturday evenings ago. Just before we headed out, his mom warned me that I was going to have to make him laugh. Otherwise his smile looked like he was trying too hard. 

Thank God for YouTube videos about… watermelon?

Yeah, I didn’t get it either. But Zach thought it was hilarious, and that’s all I care about. At the end of the night we got quite a few great shots. Photos that made his mom cry as she looked at them on my camera afterward.









I don’t think I’ve laughed harder than I did when I photographed these boys! I’m a little sad the Johannes boys run is over too. Hopefully I’ll have another reason to photograph them again.

Thanks guys!




Rouse: Family


As I drove to Ledges State Park, rain battered my windshield. I didn’t want the Rouse’s to think they had to stick out the session for me. But they were troopers. And certainly not afraid of a little rain.








Oh my gosh. Tripp and Riya were so cute! Though I bet I’m spelling Riya’s name completely wrong. Especially considering I pronounced it wrong the entire session.:(But they were absolutely adorable. There aren’t many kids in Iowa who recognize a feller buncher.


Thanks so much for braving the weather, Rouse’s!



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